I Don’t Know What to Title this…

So. Pfff, I’ve not written a blog for something like 17 days. Which, I suppose is better than other times. Like sometimes it goes a month or something. I AM USELESS.

Anyway, High School has easily got the worst of me. As I say all the time. BUT IT SUCKS DON’T JUDGE ME. Excuses, Excuses I bet you all think. Clearly not. Obviously. (note my sarcasm) BUT SCHOOL IS HARD AS PEOPLE KNOW.

I don’t even know what I’m doing right now, but I just finished my homework and was like, I have nothing to do, and I then thought ‘When was the last time I wrote a blog?’ So basically I am here, writing useless comments on excuses. Pfff. God help me.

So, I recently (17 days ago :0) wrote an ‘Everyday Makeup Routine,’Β which has changed in the last 17 days. Because I’m amazing and changed my concealer and foundation.

This is what I now use:

images (12)

Concealer miss sportyThey both are great, and I use the concealer for school, foundation for going out, (as well as the concealer.)

Anyway, of the makeup talk, I am v v bored. I know what your thinking, it’s the weekend, go out and do something fun! No. I just sit at home in my pajamas watching films, or going on my computer, snuggled up. But I do that all the time. I was meant to be going swimming today but I didn’t because of stuff. (Nothing rude, personal :/)

Once again, I say I am bored. And have nothing to do. So I end this blog here. After endless rambling on about stuff. Yes stuff. Lots of stuff.

My next blog post will be something more interesting (:

You know, it’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow. (26th Jan) I haven’t even got him anything except a card. That might be a mission for today. Great. ANYWAY WISH HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD! πŸ˜€

-Kate πŸ™‚ x


My Everyday Makeup Routine!

My Everyday Makeup Routine!This right here, right above you, I MADE THIS. AND I ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING FOR ONCE. I DID SOMETHING. AND I’M SO PROUD.

Okay, so I said this blog would be up a few days ago, (7 xD) which clearly is being put up now!

So this ‘weeks’ blog is about ‘My Everyday Makeup Routine!’ I admit, I’m not a huge girly girl, obsessed with how I look and what I wear. But I do put a little bit of makeup on, sometimes. I put on more makeup when I go out, than too school. My school doesn’t allow makeup, but I usually just put some on.

So firstly I wipe my face over with wipes, or wet a flannel to clean my face, before applying anything. In the morning I also like to splash cold water on my face to wake myself up a bit, as mornings are stressful, and TIRING. VERY TIRING.

After cleaning my face, I apply the ‘Clinique all about eyes’ eye cream, under my eyes to help remove dark eye circles! And since I don’t have enough sleep this really comes in helpful for mornings!

images (7)

Next I apply the ‘Clinique Even Better’ foundation, all around my face. I have TONS of spots now and makeup is the best way to cover things up! I apply this with a simple makeup brush!


After that, I apply ‘Clinique Airbrush Concealer’ under my eyes as well as my other Clinique eye cream, to help.


I may add eyeshadow at this point, but I don’t usually, at all, but I do have an eye shadow pallet if I ever feel like applying it!

After that I apply the ‘w7 Powder blush,’ using the brush the blush comes with to apply to my cheeks!

(the picture of this is a really crappy one of Google images with a weird white background, but I’m sure you get what colour the actual blush is, and what it looks like, but that’s all I had.)


After that I add mascara. I use the ‘Miss Sporty Pump Up Booster.’ This is waterproof, and great for school! I do also ‘SOMETIMES’ use the ‘w7 Lashtastic’ mascara, but really not very often at all!

mascara 3 mascara 2

The blue one is the one I use all the time for school, and going out. The yellow one was a present but I don’t use it much, or at all really.

Last but not least I apply lip balm, or lip gloss. I am a HUGE fan of lip balms, and I have other 30 of them! I either use the ‘Highbrow lipgloss’ or one of my several lip balms!

There is no pictures for these, as I’m sure you don’t want like 30 pictures of lip balms down in a row!

Well, this is it! My everyday makeup routine. I do put hand cream on, and perfume, but I didn’t think that was makeup related! I hope you enjoyed this blog!

-Kate πŸ™‚ x

Christmas // 2015

So, I could ramble on about how I haven’t posted a blog post in nearly a month, and how sorry I am for not posting and all that, but I’ll just say it.

I haven’t posted a blog post since the 13th of December.

And a lot of shiz has happened since then. Christmas, New Year.

So Happy Christmas!πŸ˜‚ I know its like 6-7 days late but I hope anybody reading this got what they wanted and had a great day! If you don’t celebrate Christmas I just hope you had a nice day.

Also Happy New Year! Happy 2015. I am sort of in time for this as it is the 1st of January 2015! It’s nearly the 2nd of January 2015 though…

So now that that’s cleared up about Christmas and stuff, I wanted to make a blog which actually has something to do with something interesting and “blogish” if that’s a wordπŸ˜‚ Obviously Christmas and 2015 is interesting, but something that is more to do with my blog!

And that blog which will have more to be with my blog, will be my next blog. Yes, my next blog. Which will be uploaded tomorrow.

I’ve just realised I’ve been writing hella small paragraphs here. But, I’m considering writing 2, strong, long and informative blogs after this. WITH PICTURES. Swanky.

So that’s cleared up now, I hope you enjoy my next blog/blogs coming up tomorrow!

-Kate πŸ™‚ x

A message to Emma <3

None of you will probably know Emma, but she is one of my ‘online’ friends I suppose you could say! I love her so much. You wanna know why? She’s amazing. She’s gorgeous. Yes, she’s suicidal which is one of the reasons why I love her, as she’s so stong, and friendly and so kind even if she’s going through a hard time.

I’ve sent her loads of messages over Instagram, to support her.

This paragraph is for you Emma:

Emma your amazing. Your so strong after everything you’ve been through, and I love you because of that. Recently I’ve felt like you, suicidal because of school and people joking around, being mean to me, even if they don’t really mean it. I’m sure LOADS of people who make you feel down are just jealous of how AMAZING you really are. I don’t understand how someone as amazing as you could even think about cutting or wanting to kill yourself, because you’ve got so many people who love you and support you and help you. πŸ™‚ Whenever your going through a tough time just think of the good things about you, and anything that will cheer you up. The 800 people who follow you on insta would literally cry if anything happened to you ❀ Your family and friends would be heartbroken if anything happened to you, I think I would be even though I’ve never even met you or seen you in person, you seem like such a happy, bubbly, kind, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS person! Don’t throw your life away over some idiots or something bad happening! You may think your not perfect because nobody’s perfect, but I can seriously tell you that your not even an inch of being perfect. Don’t hate yourself, we don’t hate you! Cuts and things don’t matter- its your life that needs to stay with us. Always think of the good things in your life instead of bad. Screw haters- they can SUCK ASS as long as your alright! You don’t deserve this. Don’t pay attention to them, ignore them! Stay strong and perfect Emma ❀

So I hope you read this Emma and it makes you smile and helps you get over some things and makes you worry less. πŸ™‚

Before I ended this, I wanted to say something:

Sometimes I come home from school and get changed, and then I look in the mirror. I’m sometimes not happy with what/who I am. I sometimes sit on my bed and cry for minutes, hours. Then I sometimes talk to myself pointing out my flaws, and the bad things about me. “I’m sorry for being me, I’m sorry for being ugly, I’m sorry for being fat” or I say things like “My family and friends love me, what am I doing?” Emma needs to think of the good things- not the bad things. I guess so do I really. I am not suicidal- just upset.

-Kate :/ x



At the moment I have 2 videos, 1 uploading in the backgroundπŸ˜‚

My first one was a ‘Lush Haul,’ and my second video is a ‘What is on my iPhone Winter 2014’ video.

This is like the shortest blog ever, but I just wanted to tell you the link for my channel so that I can get some more views, likes and subscribers! πŸ™‚

So this is pretty much it. Please check out my videos!

-Kate πŸ™‚ x

Updates + YouTube

So basically I was just sat in bed watching I’m a celebrity- and then I realised. I haven’t posted a blog in like 8-9 days. LIKE GOD- WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

So whilst tucked up in my amazing, warm, cosy bed- I decided to write a random blog post on my phone. I am surrounded by a loud tv; cushions; teddies; and my bedroom Christmas tree.

So firstly I wanted to say SORRY. I am such an idiot. *facepalm* Most of my blogs are all fancy with pictures and snazzy stuff but I’ve kind of made this blog a bit more me- (obviously I’m freaking snazzy- there’s no doubt about that) but more talking like me and my personality. I guess I’ve just had no ideas about what to blog about (I say that, but I’ve been asked to do a brownie recipe.) I guess I’ve just had no effort to write a blog because I’m tired, BUT IM ALWAYS TIRED. School seriously sucks.

It’s not just school- I stay up to late watching I’m a celeb. I ship jake and Nadia! #Jadia ! Just watching it whilst actually typing thisπŸ˜‚ I love Jake he’s so funny, and Nadia’s so nice and I love her accent!

I think this blog is now turning into a I’m a celeb running commentary! There like in a tomb and Nadia had 2 rats up her top and she’s like “AHHHH THERE UP MY TOP!!!” and Jakes just stood outside like “The lucky fellas”πŸ˜‚ He so fancies herπŸ˜‚

Before I end this blog (I can hear an airplane flying above me- I wonder we’re there goinggg) I wanted to tell you about my youtube channel. I’ve had this channel for like a month now- and it has no videos, but with my new camera I’ve been filming TONS of stuff, including vlogs, but I just need a cable to transfer the videos to my computer to edit them!

So once that’s done and I put a video up, I will link my channel in one of my ‘future’ blogs.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog, I know it’s not like my normal ones, but I suppose I’m just being my self haha! I you enjoy blogs like this please let me know!

-Kate πŸ™‚ x

The Lines Project!

The Lines Project #2

(I made this picture and I’m actually quite proud of it hehe)

So in today’s blog I wanted to talk about The Lines Project, a serious event happening between the 15th and 20th December. It’s basically an event were people will draw 6 different coloured lines on their wrist, I’ll get to what each colour means in a minute! If you self harm, are depressed, or feeling down you will draw these coloured lines on your left wrist. If your not any of those, and are just supporting the cause and trying to help it, you will draw the lines on your right hand! These lines stand for the millions of lives lost over suicide. If you want to help this cause, Β draw the lines on your wrist to respect and prevent more lives from being lost by suicide.

If you do this on your wrist, try and get friends and family involved, to spread even more awareness. To get more people doing this, take a picture of the lines on your wrist and post it on social media (things like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) using the hashtags:

#thelinesproject and the #MyInsecuritiesArePerfect

My Story:

Okay so firstly, I do not self harm or am depressed or anything like that, I thought I’d just tell you about my scars and thing whilst were on that kind of subject. I know a lot of children and adults have scars too, but I have quite alot. My friends don’t know about my scars as I wear long white socks to school in the summer/spring, and navy tights in the winter and autumn. I feel un comfortable wearing short socks around my friends, as I think they’ll judge me and things. I never were shorts or skirts going out any were, especially going out in public, and school. I’ll only wear skirts and shorts with tights or long socks as my scars are below my knee. I only wear shorts and skirts inside my house, with the comfort of my family who I know won’t judge me.

So about scars, I have 6 on my right leg, 3 on my actual leg, 3 on my ankle/foot area. They are reasonably small though. On my left leg I have 4, all on my actual leg. 3 small, 1 long thing one going down the back of my leg. I’ve got 5 on my left hand, mostly due to burning my hand. 4 small, 1 long thin one going down my hand. Obviously I can’t do anything to hide them, so everyone can see them unfortunately. On my right arm I have 1 which is kind of made up of 3 scars in 1. I wear long sleeved shirts to school, and when I go out in public I will wear T-shirts and things, because there’s only 1.

None of my friends really know about this, but they probably will soon. I don’t do it because I’m depressed or being bullied or anything like that. I just do it. I did once get bullied because I have spots and stuff like that on my face, but I didn’t really care because it was going to happen to them one day!

So my story didn’t really have anything to do with The Line Project I suppose. It was hard to post this I suppose as I haven’t really shown my friends or anything.

Before I ended the blog I wanted to tell you what each colour of the line represents!

Red: Self Halm

Orange: Bullying

Black: Abuse

Yellow: Suicide

Purple: Insecurity

Blue: Depression

Green: Eating Disorders


(This isn’t my hand, just an example.)

This wasn’t a very happy blog to be honest, but I hope whoever’s reading this does this to raise awareness!

Kate πŸ™‚ x


download (8)

Winter probably is my favourite season, yet one of the worst. It goes dark at 4:30pm here in England, which sucks as I hate darkness. Don’t ask me why! I like when its all frosty and misty, and when it snows, but the fact of the darkness is awful. Seeing as I live in the middle of no were (and I mean the middle of no were) we get more power cuts, and as I said, DARKNESS.

Our family has also been trying to cut down on the heating (no we’re not bankrupt haha, we just are saving money for Christmas, which I can’t wait for!) so it’s literally been freezing. Our house is also really airy and stuff like that, and in one of our living rooms there’s an archway where there’s a staircase to my dads bedroom, so there’s always some random draft coming down whilst we watch T.V. It’s okay in the summer, but in winter it drives us nuts!

Another bonus of Winter is hot chocolate, which is my FAVORITE thing ever, as proved by my blog name. My mum owns her own business (clothing/gift shop) which has just been loaded up on Christmas goodies! (in the gift shop obviously) It sells these hot chocolate spoons which look like this:

download (9)

There is a HUGE amount of different flavours, and last year I had, Mocha, Salted Caramel and one more which I can’t remember, and they were all so nice! On the little black label there is instructions on how to use it, and you warm some milk, (measure it out into your mug first) but I don’t use microwaves, Google it to find out why. So I’d warm it up in a pan, and then pour it into the mug. Open the hot chocolate spoon, and stir it in the milk, until all of it has gone and there’s just a wooden spoon left! Enjoy it! They are delicious, and I hope too try even more this year.

But, I still obviously love the cadbury and galaxy hot chocolates more than anything!

download (7)

So that concludes my Winter blog. I love winter, but sometimes it sucks. At the moment, I’ve been snuggled up on the couch with blankets, pillows, HUGE teddies and fuzzy socks, with the fire crackling.

At the moment, blankets, pillows, teddies + socks, tea and hot chocolate are my favourite things at the moment.

Here’s a cute kitten to finish the blog:


Literally the cutest thing in the world ever.

Kate πŸ™‚ x

Trafford Center Haul!

In my Lush Haul, I mentioned I went to the Trafford Center with some friends. Obviously I went to Lush, but I wanted to do a haul on some of the other things I bought.

Firstly, I bought 2 perfumes from Next. Next is a shop that sells, clothing, from all ages, makeup, ext. The first perfume I bought was the Eau Nude perfume. It smells absolutely gorgeous. This was Β£8.

download (5)

The second perfume was the Miss Pink perfume, and this smells amazing too, like summer fruits. This was Β£4.

images (9)

After Next, I bought one strawberry scented shower gel from The Body Shop. I bought this last year nearing Christmas time as well, and I definitely will buy it next year too. For a slightly large bottle, it is only Β£4, and its definitely worth it.

images (10)

The final thing I bought was a Jumper from New Look, that says “Nothing To Wear.” I’ve been wearing this with a black cami underneath, and its really comfortable. This was either Β£12 or Β£14, I can’t remember.

download (6)

(This is a strange picture of Google images as my picture wouldn’t load onto my computer for some reason, but still I hope you get the idea, it is the same jumper)

As well as all that, I did have have the things from Lush, and things like ice cream, and sweets, you know what I mean. My friends also bought lots of things as well, and maybe they might do a haul on that, seeing as they both have blogs too!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog, and I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in AGES, its just the fact that school sucks! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this haul and maybe purchase some of the items yourself, there all worth it!

Kate πŸ™‚ x

Summer Fruit Smoothie!

summer fruit smoothie 1

About 1 week ago, I was feeling thirsty and I came up with this smoothie whilst messing around with fruit and juice. It may be Autumn, but it tastes amazing!


  • About 200ml of orange juice
  • 1 punnet of strawberries
  • A handful of raspberries
  • A handful of blackberries
  • 2 bananas, peeled.

Firstly, set up your blender. It will need to fit all the ingredients in, so something like a nutribullet is not advised. Unless you do small bits at a time.

Chop the tops of the punnet of strawberries, and then chop them in half. If they are small strawberries then just pop them in instead of chopping them in half. Add your strawberries.

Next, pick up a handful of raspberries and blackberries and add them in as well.

Peel your 2 bananas, and chop the ends of each one. Chop into small pieces and add.

Hi x your 200ml of orange juice, and turn your blender on, I turned mine to only 1, and let it blend for 30 seconds. I then checked if everything had been blended, and if I saw bits that hadn’t I’d blend it some more.

Pour your smoothie into some form of large jar, which will fit all your smoothie in.

When you are thirsty, fill a glass with ice, get your smoothie out the fridge, and enjoy! I have been making this allot recently and can’t wait to make more! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

images (7)

Kate πŸ™‚ x